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Cashen Legend x Paradise Siesta | b bk | DOB: Jul-2017 (2 years 10 months)
Trained by: L G Tuffin Owned By: Mr D P Firmager
How many Races: 25 - How many race wins: 4 (Win percentage : 16%) - How many Trials: 11 - Best Grade: OR
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Siblings (gbgb only that ran recently):
Dog NameSexBornColourSireDamRacesWinsStrike RatePrize moneyBest Grade
Teds LastdAug-2013bkVans EscaladeParadise Siesta14428.57%£2067OR
Paradise CubadAug-2013bkwVans EscaladeParadise Siesta23730.43%£2748OR
Lenson WalcottdAug-2013bkVans EscaladeParadise Siesta35411.43%£2477OR
Calzaghe BuckodAug-2013bkVans EscaladeParadise Siesta14214.29%£579OR
Paradise VidaldAug-2016wbkTaylors SkyParadise Siesta50918.00%£2361OR
Paradise SofiabAug-2016wbkTaylors SkyParadise Siesta25416.00%£1345D2
Greenhill LukedAug-2016wbkTaylors SkyParadise Siesta22522.73%£882OR
Shes LuckybJul-2015bkwKinloch BraeParadise Siesta66913.64%£2939IT
Redstar SiestabJul-2015bkKinloch BraeParadise Siesta6116.67%£320A6
Paradise RomabJul-2015bkKinloch BraeParadise Siesta951414.74%£4605OR
Bullseye DestinybJul-2015bkKinloch BraeParadise Siesta561425.00%£3410A4
Buckos LassbJul-2015bkKinloch BraeParadise Siesta591525.42%£12700OR
Ring A ParadisebJul-2017bkCashen LegendParadise Siesta17423.53%£1335OR
Burgess SarahbJul-2017bkCashen LegendParadise Siesta1218.33%£770OR
Burgess ParadisedJul-2017bkCashen LegendParadise Siesta19526.32%£2220OR
Burgess LuciabJul-2017bkCashen LegendParadise Siesta16425.00%£1570OR
Burgess CamilabJul-2017bkCashen LegendParadise Siesta25416.00%£1286OR
Paradise McgyverdJul-2018bkCandlelight KingParadise Siesta5120.00%£257OR

Races and Trials:
DateTrackDistanceGradeTrapSectionalPosition Winner or 2nd Dog CommentsWeightWin TimeGoingPriceCalc TimeRace ResultsMeeting ResultsVideo
29/05/2020Towcester270T232Mowems ManeMidTWide27.916.45016.53VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
22/05/2020Towcester270T341Tuftys GillQAw,ALd,MidTWide27.316.33016.33VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
20/03/2020Henlow460T3503.712Albans BertieVQAw,Led- 1/226.928.27028.68VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
14/03/2020Nottingham305T251Sporting MondoALd27.018.282018.48VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
18/02/2020Nottingham500A3505.231Honour HawkLdNrLn,Mid27.530.8511/430.85VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
11/02/2020Nottingham500A3505.282Alfies JaneCrd227.230.697/130.79VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
04/02/2020Nottingham500A3505.192Alfies BomberCrdRunIn27.230.805/130.96VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
27/01/2020Nottingham500A3508.001Alfies BomberEP,ALd27.430.796/130.79VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
21/01/2020Nottingham500A3405.285Sporting GemmaBlk227.330.385/231.20VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
11/01/2020Nottingham500A3405.363CubaSAw,ClrRun,VW227.230.71406/131.45VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
07/01/2020Nottingham500A3405.243Glenhead LilyCrd427.130.657/231.19VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
31/12/2019Nottingham500A3405.306Francos CazCrdRunUp&326.830.788/131.29VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
26/12/2019Nottingham500A3405.205Gower GloryBlk227.030.576/131.41VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
20/12/2019Nottingham500A3405.254Nidderdale DaysCrd327.230.694/131.13VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
13/12/2019Nottingham500A3405.201Nidderdale LassLd227.030.597/130.59VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
06/12/2019Nottingham305T232Swift FerdiaLd-126.218.13018.49VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
18/11/2019Nottingham500A3405.214Teecee AzzaCrd2&327.030.248/130.96VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
12/11/2019Nottingham500A3405.285Let Fly BeautyCrd126.730.864/131.15VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
04/11/2019Nottingham500A3405.143Goldsmith TeddyEP,Ld-326.730.119/4F30.39VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
29/10/2019Nottingham500A3405.144Go Smart GirlCrd1,Blk226.830.426/130.82VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
19/10/2019Nottingham500A3405.104Comeout KiddoClrRun26.830.483/130.84VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
14/10/2019Nottingham500A2451.003Leos IndianaCrd227.130.6610/131.14VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
07/10/2019Nottingham500A2505.216Droopys RexCrdRunUp&127.130.5014/131.32VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
27/09/2019Nottingham500A250(NoRace)27.2VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
21/09/2019Nottingham500T3405.072Swift ConscienceEP,Ld-RunIn,Mid27.630.653031.07VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
17/09/2019Nottingham305T141Rls-Mid27.718.401018.50VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
11/06/2019Nottingham500A2505.204Salacres AlaskaCrd1&427.230.759/431.17VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
08/06/2019Monmore480OR304.534Newry RoseMiddle,Crowded227.128.458/129.07VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
01/06/2019Perry Barr480OR303.722Final MustardMid,Crd 1/4,RanOn27.029.529/429.60VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
27/05/2019Nottingham500A2405.173Swift FaelynClrRun,Mid27.130.797/230.91VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
17/05/2019Nottingham500A3405.121HornblowerCrd2,LdNrLn26.630.37502/1F30.87VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
11/05/2019Nottingham500A2505.202Romeo SpikeCrdRunUp,Blk226.629.94507/231.26VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
03/05/2019Nottingham500A2505.265Brinkleys RebelCrd126.930.36408/131.18VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
27/04/2019Nottingham500T3405.242Go With FloSAw,ClrRun,Mid26.830.571030.91VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
20/04/2019Nottingham500T3505.072MermaidCrd126.530.463030.86VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
13/04/2019Nottingham305T151Rls-Mid26.718.192018.39VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING

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