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Ballymac Vic x Stole My Name | b bk | DOB: Jan-2018
Trained by: J L Mccombe Owned By: Manweb Dog Syndicate
How many Races: 5 - How many race wins: 0 (Win percentage : 0%) - How many Trials: 6
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Siblings (gbgb only that ran recently):
Dog NameSexBornColourSireDam
Cadburys HerobSep-2016bkKinloch BraeStole My Name
Exiles RocketdJun-2017bkTyrur Big MikeStole My Name
Quarryfield AcedJun-2012wbkSkywalker AceStole My Name
Painted CloudsbJan-2018bkBallymac VicStole My Name
Mo Cara BreezebJan-2018wbkBallymac VicStole My Name
Tooreen VicdJan-2018bkBallymac VicStole My Name
Exiles GiftdJan-2016bkScolari Me DaddyStole My Name
Snowdon ArchiedJan-2016bkScolari Me DaddyStole My Name
Simons GirlbJan-2016wbkScolari Me DaddyStole My Name
Exiles MaestrodAug-2014bkSparta MaestroStole My Name
Breffni CiarabAug-2014bkSparta MaestroStole My Name

Races and Trials:
DateTrackDistanceGradeTrapSectionalPosition Winner or 2nd Dog CommentsWeightWin TimeGoingPriceCalc TimeRace ResultsMeeting ResultsVideo
21/03/2020Doncaster450B3302.212In The PawsLedTo228.228.2709/4F28.45VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
11/03/2020Doncaster450T4302.082In The PawsQAw,Mid,LedTo 1/228.028.49-2028.33VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
04/03/2020Doncaster275T331Bellagio BeautyMid,QAw,ALed017.36017.36VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
11/01/2020Doncaster450B3302.092Haven BoxerEP,Mid,Crd 1/428.228.21-303/128.35VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
06/01/2020Doncaster450B2302.236Russanda BellMid,EP,FcdToCk327.428.0103/129.12VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
30/12/2019Doncaster450B3402.122Russanda PearlMid,EP,LedTo327.627.805/228.19VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
23/12/2019Doncaster450B3202.284Bushack SweetpeaMid,CrdRnIn27.828.94-603/128.77VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
16/12/2019Doncaster450T3202.202Russanda PearlMid,EP,LedToRnIn27.528.74-3028.47VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
09/12/2019Doncaster450T2402.151Russanda RuellaMid,ALed27.028.43-1028.33VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
04/12/2019Doncaster450T3602.191Barnside MaggieMid,ALed26.828.79-4028.39VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
27/11/2019Doncaster275T141MidW26.818.36-8017.56VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING

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