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GREYHOUND-RESULTS.COM - DOG SEARCH - Barrack BraveDogs Name: Barrack Brave

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Kinloch Brae x Rosiemac | d bk | DOB: Sep-2017
Trained by: D F Carter Owned By: Mr S J Calver
How many Races: 3 - How many race wins: 1 (Win percentage : 33.33%) - How many Trials: 3
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Siblings (gbgb only that ran recently):
Dog NameSexBornColourSireDam
Barrack DanabSep-2017bkKinloch BraeRosiemac
JiggerypokerybSep-2017bkKinloch BraeRosiemac
Ashbank JamiedSep-2017bkKinloch BraeRosiemac
Barrack ErinbSep-2017bkKinloch BraeRosiemac
Barrack SadiebSep-2017bkKinloch BraeRosiemac
Barrack BravedSep-2017bkKinloch BraeRosiemac
Newline BoltbSep-2015bkBlack ShawRosiemac
Savana SkylarkbMay-2016bkDroopys JetRosiemac
Barrack RubbledMay-2016bkDroopys JetRosiemac
Barrack MarshalldMay-2016bkDroopys JetRosiemac
Barrack ChasedMay-2016bkDroopys ActRosiemac
Barrack MaxdJul-2018bkDroopys NidgeRosiemac
Barrack NonobJan-2012bkWestmead HawkRosiemac
My Girl DianbJan-2012bkWestmead HawkRosiemac
Barrack HawkdJan-2012wbkWestmead HawkRosiemac
Barrack WestdJan-2012bkWestmead HawkRosiemac
Poormans RosebJan-2012bkWestmead HawkRosiemac
Help Me RhondabJan-2012bkWestmead HawkRosiemac
Traceys WatchbAug-2012wbkSlip The LarkRosiemac
Evanta NemodAug-2012bkSlip The LarkRosiemac
Barrack FiredAug-2012bkSlip The LarkRosiemac

Races and Trials:
DateTrackDistanceGradeTrapSectionalPosition Winner or 2nd Dog CommentsWeightWin TimeGoingPriceCalc TimeRace ResultsMeeting ResultsVideo
23/03/2020Yarmouth462A8205.611Get Away LadyMidTRls,Ld 1/229.628.886/4F28.88VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
14/03/2020Yarmouth462A8205.663Hartwood RoxiMidTRlsCrdStt,RanOn28.729.2009/429.22VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
07/03/2020Yarmouth462A8405.555Scala HannahMidTRls28.729.169/429.35VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
29/02/2020Yarmouth462T3505.463Allen DivaMid,Ld-NrLn28.529.49029.93VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
24/02/2020Yarmouth462T3305.582Allen BelleMid,Ld1-RnIn29.128.86029.19VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
13/02/2020Yarmouth462T1305.471Middle28.629.92-4029.52VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING

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