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GREYHOUND-RESULTS.COM - DOG SEARCH - Piemans BillDogs Name: Piemans Bill

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Aero Majestic x Sparta Fantasy | d bk | DOB: Aug-2017
Trained by: C N Wilton Owned By: Piemans Racing Club
How many Races: 3 - How many race wins: 1 (Win percentage : 33.33%) - How many Trials: 3
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Siblings (gbgb only that ran recently):
Dog NameSexBornColourSireDam
Sparta GillybSep-2016bkScolari Me DaddySparta Fantasy
Sparta RiverbSep-2016bkScolari Me DaddySparta Fantasy
Whizzy DosserdSep-2016bkScolari Me DaddySparta Fantasy
Gartcloss RhythmdSep-2016bkScolari Me DaddySparta Fantasy
Sparta FlorabSep-2016bkScolari Me DaddySparta Fantasy
Geneva StacybSep-2016bkScolari Me DaddySparta Fantasy
Mylane DaddydSep-2016bkScolari Me DaddySparta Fantasy
Sparta CreambAug-2017fAero MajesticSparta Fantasy
Geneva ShebabAug-2017bkAero MajesticSparta Fantasy
Salacres TonydAug-2017bkAero MajesticSparta Fantasy
ZenodAug-2017fAero MajesticSparta Fantasy
Sparta MasterdAug-2017bdAero MajesticSparta Fantasy
Sparta CocobAug-2017bdAero MajesticSparta Fantasy
Snowdon GenevabAug-2017bkAero MajesticSparta Fantasy
Sparta BubblesdAug-2017bdAero MajesticSparta Fantasy
Piemans BilldAug-2017bkAero MajesticSparta Fantasy

Races and Trials:
DateTrackDistanceGradeTrapSectionalPosition Winner or 2nd Dog CommentsWeightWin TimeGoingPriceCalc TimeRace ResultsMeeting ResultsVideo
23/03/2020Nottingham500HP41Salacres MannyLd231.030.425/130.82VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
10/03/2020Nottingham500A5305.376Precious AliceSAw,Blk231.031.015/131.39VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
29/02/2020Nottingham500A4205.496Nidderdale MasonSAw,Crd130.030.834/131.53VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
21/02/2020Nottingham500T3205.433Jet BlackSAw,Crd429.531.223031.90VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
15/02/2020Nottingham500T3505.252Ferndale NidgeCrd129.830.794031.29VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
08/02/2020Nottingham305T131Mid29.718.741018.84VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING

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